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Winter Camps

Team, Player, or  Coaching Development Training also Available

Welcome to Steal the Show Hockey Camps and Clinics

Family, Group and Team Discounts Available. Contact us at 716-553-4011 or rmaxick@verizon.net for more information!




Why Choose Us

  • Advanced Style Training designed to make the players play the game at a higher level
  • The constant inquiry from our staff to learn new and innovative methods to train and teach our players

  • 40+ Years of Combined Coaching Experience
  • Video and Classroom work to enhance the learning process on the ice

  • Instruction and Correction
  • Strength Training

  • Teaching our players how to translate their practice habits to game situations from scrimmaging as well as small space games and battle drills
  • We will teach our players the fundamentals of the skating stride and adjust and reinforce them within their own stride

  • We operate year round to help reinforce our teachings as well as help our players build upon the progress made from their last visit